Happy Wife, Happy Life

This one is especially for my male readers.

You’ve all heard the expression…Happy Wife, Happy Life.  Sounds expensive and elusive right? But what does it mean to a woman?

Does it mean that you have to agree with everything your lady says?  Does it mean that you can never win an argument?  Does it mean that you have to give up everything you enjoy to satisfy her wants and needs? Or perhaps it means that every cent you earn should be spent on her every desire.

Whatever it means, it sounds like it costs an arm and a leg. But it doesn’t have to. Here are some inexpensive ways to achieve Happy Wife, Happy Life.

  • Men don’t need to agree with everything a woman says…but they should listen. Offering an opinion on the subject lends evidence to active listening and makes a woman feel that what interests her, interests him.
  • There’s no need to give up everything you enjoy. Invite her along, if possible, and let her see if it’s something she might enjoy, too. Or, if it’s time with your buddies you require, be sure to encourage her to spend time with her friends doing something they enjoy. But, if your hobby is disrespectful to her, it’s a good idea to find another hobby.
  • Most women don’t expect you to spend all of your earnings on them. And if they do, they might not be the right woman for you, or for anyone.  What most women desire is for a man to be a provider, and providing can take many forms. Men who aren’t the financial provider of the household, but are in school, unexpectedly unemployed or tackling the role of Mr. Mom are still providers. And most women will tell you,  in households where one or both partners work, there’s nothing more attractive than a man that comes home and helps with the household chores.  Helping with chores is right up there with drying her tears and making her feel protected.  You can’t go wrong with these, guys.
  • Support her dreams.  Give her uninterrupted time to work on her business plan. Use your gifts to help her…paint a room for her office, taste the recipes for her cookbook, help her build her website or encourage her to take a class. There are tons of ways to support her in achieving her goals and you are just the man for the job!

All of these things can be done with a simple investment of your time, attention and affection, gentlemen. So what are you waiting for?  Why not help fold that laundry?







Bad customer service

Customer Service. It’s something we all deserve and respect. After all, we pay for it.

When we have a problem with our electric or gas, we call the utility provider, that we pay every month, and we expect them to fix it.

Cell phone problem? We call or visit Verizon, AT&T, Sprint or the Apple Store, because we pay them every month and expect them to fix it.  (And they always try to upsell you with a new phone, but that’s beside the point).

And when we eat out, we hope for a pleasant dining experience and expect courteous service because, on top of the food prices, we leave a good tip.

But what should we do when the customer service is bad, or there’s none at all?  What are our options?

We can ask to see a manager, of course, but sometimes the manager is not empathetic to our problem.  And sometimes the manager IS the problem.

We can speak directly to the person that is providing poor service and let them know that they are not providing the level of service that is expected or we can leave without tipping.

We can also write a letter to the establishment, or a review on their website, hoping that someone in charge will read it and counsel the employee on their behavior.

Or, we can just leave it alone.

This week I’ve encountered poor customer service at a party supply store, a restaurant and a bakery and, in an attempt to show compassion, did not complain to management or write a bad review.  I  decided to go with the belief that these folks may have had a bad day or a busy one.  Or perhaps they were going through a personal crisis that no one could know like a heartbreak or a bad medical diagnosis.

But I must admit, I’ve struggled with that decision because it may just be that they’re constantly rude and need correction. And how will they get it if no one complains about their service? How will they get better?

Then the other side of me says “But what if your complaint is their third strike and they’re fired?  You would be affecting their livelihood.  What if they have a family to support?”

So, the question of the day is…Do the individuals who provide bad customer service deserve a second chance as much as we deserve good customer service?

This week I’m going with “yes,” because we all deserve second chances and, unlike the cost we pay for good service, forgiveness is free.

That’s not to say I tolerate bad customer service. I really dislike it. In fact, outright rudeness and downright dirty conditions have prompted me to write some strong reviews and resulted in unsolicited free food, gift cards and hotel rooms from the companies that provided the bad service. But I’d like to know what you think readers…Forgive always and never complain, forgive based on the offense or complain always?

What do you do?

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