Mad at your spouse?

I won’t ask if anyone can relate to this because I already know the answer.  Yes. Everyone has been mad at their spouse once or twice or five million times.

Some go without a disagreement for long periods of time, living harmoniously from day to day, while others have frequent “intense fellowship”.  That’s how we refer to it at my house, though we don’t argue much.

I was very upset with my husband on Thursday.  We discovered that someone had mistreated one of my kids in school and I, being Mama Bear, was furious.  So furious I was speechless, which hardly ever happens.

My husband, on the other hand, was mildly annoyed.  He didn’t like the situation, but was not nearly as passionate about it as I was.  Passionate is a term I like to use when I’m highly animated and ready to see some heads roll. I was all set to write a very detailed letter to the Superintendent of Schools about the situation, demanding the immediate removal of this staff person. My hubby, on the other hand said “Well, we didn’t find out anything we didn’t already suspect.”

I had great plans to stay mad at him for at least the whole weekend, speaking only when spoken to and giving him a glare each time he entered the room. Until yesterday afternoon at work when my youngest called me, upset that something terrible had happened that day. One of his closest friends’ dad’s had died during the day, while he was at school, and he was devastated. My youngest is 12.

I left work in tears, trying to fathom the strength it must have taken for this child’s mother to pick her children up from school and tell them that their father had suddenly passed away.  To be the bearer of the absolute worst news to her precious children, and hold herself together while doing so. This morning she woke up to the fact that it’s not just a bad dream and began the task of not only burying her husband, but figuring out what to do next.  I’m praying that all the angels in heaven surround this family today.

In an earlier blog, I wrote that life is short. That’s a phrase worth repeating today.  It’s certainly far too short to stay mad at anyone, especially those closest to you.

Needless to say, I’ve forgiven my husband.  In fact, we’re discussing date night.





  1. Eye opener. You really don’t know what the day holds. Another lesson learned:). I look forward to your blogs! Thank you!!!


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