Protect your peace

Peace is a precious gem that, when treasured and sought after, will make you happier, right where you sit, right now.

How many times this year have you allowed your emotions to let drama sink into your life, where peace should reside?  Five or ten? How many times today?

Did you allow Susan’s lack of work ethic or manners to get to you at work today? Did the fact that Shirley or Bob didn’t speak to you make you mad?  Did the smell of Herschel’s cologne work on your last nerve?

If so, you’re not alone. We’ve all got our pet peeves. And we’ve all encountered someone who is inconsiderate.  But guess what … to Susan, Shirley, Bob and Herschel, that someone might be you.

So, what can we do about it?  We can protect our peace by refusing to let our situations and surroundings negatively affect our day and cause us stress.

While you’re sitting there upset that Susan has been on an hour-long personal call, Susan has made plans for a fabulous lunch date and isn’t thinking about you. While you’re working up an ulcer because Bob and Shirley didn’t speak to you today and you know they saw you, Bob and Shirley are deep in discussion because Bob just told Shirley he is terminally ill. And as for Herschel, he is wearing that cologne because he hopes Shirley will find it sexy.  And she just might.

So, let’s stop sitting around, generating ulcers and headaches over things and people who just aren’t worth the stress. Decide to stop creating drama,  decline drama-filled situations and invitations and refuse to let anything permeate your peace.  Pray, meditate, exercise or do whatever it takes to maintain your peaceful place.

And please, if you pull Herschel’s name for Secret Santa this year, buy him some nice cologne.





  1. OMG! I sooo… needed your blog this morning. Laughing at myself, repenting, and making coffee for my team. Today, IS a great day.


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