Are you the Best Supporting Actor?

We’re all stars in God’s great galaxy. Sometimes we twinkle, sometimes we shine and sometimes we just hang out in the background, lighting the way for those in the limelight. I call it being the best supporting actor, and it’s quite an impressive role.

You might be the assistant that created the presentation your boss is about to present to rave reviews. Or you could be the person that watches the appreciation shown to your spouse for the great steak they grilled, that YOU bought, seasoned, marinated and made all of the side dishes for.

Or maybe you’re the songwriter, watching throngs of fans swarm the performer, or the team that did all of the work that your boss is being promoted for. Or the coach who made up that great play.  Or perhaps you’re that mom or dad, playing chauffeur, cook, cleaner and calendar keeper to make everyday miracles happen for your family.

And, if you’re like me, you’re a ghostwriter…an ultimate supporting actor role. You’ve authored or completely re-written works for others, that you will never receive credit for.  And all the while you know that, no matter how great your piece is, no one would ever know that you wrote it.

Supporting actors of the world, I salute you!  If no one has told you today that your work is amazing, consider yourself told. Only you can bless others in the way that you do and that makes you very important.  You’ve grasped the realization that your gifts were created to benefit others and that makes you a life-changer.  You adhere to the belief that the strongest structures are built with the strongest supports.

Supporting actors, the world needs your light and you are a star in God’s eye. Be the best supporting actor you can be. Keep doing what you do to make life better for others and life will get better for you. (Eph 6:8)

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