Dinner with a side of racism

To the racist restaurant owner that disrespected my daughter and her friends, last weekend.

I saw the video. I saw the hatred in your eyes. I heard the evil flow from your heart. And I saw how much pride you took in being overtly racist.

That group of twenty-somethings that you spewed your venom on was comprised of college students and young black professionals. They came to your restaurant to celebrate a birthday. They were all dressed up and looking forward to a rare night out. And they were entitled to that.

When you served them food that was overdone and sub-par, they were entitled to let their server know that some of their food was inedible.  And, like any other customers, they were entitled to the good meal they came there to enjoy and to pay for.

Your server went away and sent over a manager, whom they politely asked for a bill adjustment, as some of their food was not consumable.  Your manager sighed and went away, without answer, and never returned. Then, half hour later, the server returned requesting full payment, and that’s when you came in.

You rushed upon their table, yelling and demanding that they get the (expletive) out of your restaurant.  And you screamed that phrase several times.  You told them that they wouldn’t know good food because they’ve never had it. You told them that all they’d ever eaten was McDonald’s. You screamed in their faces and threatened to call the police when they asked you to calm down and talk to them with respect. And all they had done, was ask a question!

And, during your tirade, when my daughter’s friend asked the server if you would actually call the police, the server responded, “No. He’s done this before.” But you were too busy screaming to even notice that.

But your guests noticed plenty. They noticed that you, not knowing my daughter or her friends, decided that they were not worthy of good food, good service or good treatment.  They noticed that you decided that they couldn’t possibly know what a good meal was.  They noticed that you determined that this group of young black people were not worthy to be your customers and not entitled to common decency.

But guess what? These young adults know their worth, they know who they are, and they know what they’re entitled to. And they’re going to eat anywhere they please.  They won’t be hindered by your attempts to make them feel inferior.  They won’t be stopped by your ignorance. They won’t be ruled by your hate. And their wallets will always be more than full enough to pay for any meal they order, anytime, anywhere.

So, Mr. Restaurant Owner, please know that your attempt to oppress them with your words, your actions, and your awful food, failed. But you did succeed in inspiring them to fight for what’s right, stand up to racism and tell everyone they know about their experience in your establishment. So, despite your attempts, you did not defeat their spirits, you did not scare them away.  And you are the only loser in this little game you play.

So, chew on that!

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  1. OMG, that is horrible! I feel like we’ve stepped in a parallel universe this year, nothing makes sense for it being the year 2020! God bless the young people that kept their wits about them and did not react in the way that they were being provoked. SMH such a shame.

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  2. April, I’m so sorry this happened to your daughter and her friends. We need to know the name of this restaurant, did you consider publishing it so could boycott this establishment.


  3. Sad it had to be done, however you wrote this Mmmm Mmmm Good !!!! I felt the shock, pain, disrespect and motivation to prevail and continue to walk and win in victory over explicit racism and ignorance. To say it the way our supernatural strength and tenacity filled ancestors would have said it ….. “We gone be allright” !!!!! Cheers to continued exposure, truth to lies and VIDEO for the nay sayers !!!!!

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  4. Bravo! We need more people like you and your children to keep standing up and letting the voices of those who feel oppressed to be heard. Hopefully, this restauranteur has heard those voices loud and clear and will think twice about insinuating or embarrassing those he thinks less about.


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