Are you a good investment?

Of course you are! So, when’s the last time you did something to invest in yourself?  If it’s been a long time, it’s been too long.

Now, by investment, I don’t mean the last time  you bought yourself some shoes you’ve been wanting or dropped a bundle on your latest hairstyle. I’m talking about the kind of investments that will help you improve your life or achieve your goals.

I know it happens all the time…we set our minds to take a course or watch a podcast or take a trip, and something always comes up that requires the money we were going to use for that course, or the money for the investment never materializes. We know there’s information out there that could move us one step closer to what we’re trying to achieve, but it’s going to cost money or time that we could use for something else.

But guess what else? We’re all a work in progress and improving ourselves is worth every cent and second of that time!

And not every investment requires capital. The thing you need most might be marital counseling, help dealing with a divorce or overcoming infidelity. Or, it might be  learning how to be happy with yourself or overcoming fear and doubt.  You could be struggling with an addiction or a terrible boss or dealing with grief and depression, or simply in need of organizational skills to help pull together your craziness.  Many of these issues can be helped for free by finding a group of folks who are going through the same thing as you and sharing resources to help each other through it. A cup of coffee and a conversation goes a long way.

Any investment that makes you a better you, is worth it. So sign up for that class, take that workshop, join that group or buy that book! Or, if you’re like me,  dust off those sneakers and go use that gym membership you’ve been paying for five years now, but not using.  I’ll meet you there on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Or maybe just twice a week.  Baby steps are good.



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