How crazy are you?

Someone once defined crazy as doing things the same way, over and over again, and expecting a different result.

A good example of this is buying milk each morning and leaving it out of the refrigerator, expecting it to  be fresh the next day, or continuing to set your alarm clock for a time that doesn’t allow you to be punctual for work and expecting to be on time.

Are you that kind of crazy?  I am.

While I don’t do either of these things, there are several habits that I have that, if I just stopped doing them or worked on improving them, would net me better results.  I’ll bet many of you subscribe to that kind of crazy, too.

Maybe your crazy is staying up late at night and expecting to perform at your peak the next day. (Guilty). Or perhaps you give your kids way too much and expect them not to be spoiled. (Also guilty). Or maybe you feed your dog people food and expect him not to beg when you eat it.(Cuff me).

Or maybe you keep dating bad boys, hoping it’ll be better this time. Or, better yet, keep looking for an apology from someone who hasn’t given a single thought to the thing that has made you angry.

Whatever your form of crazy is, there’s hope for all of us. When we look at the negative outcome of our actions and wish that things would change, we should retrace the steps that lead us to where we are. If the root cause is that we’ve been doing things the same way, but expecting a different result, then welcome to Crazytown! It’s time to change up our game plan.

What are you doing that’s crazy? If you’re like me, you’re doing a lot. Let’s make a list and start by working on our own personal Crazy #1.

And then let me know how to get my dog to stop begging. The cuteness gets me every time.






  1. I have a poster in my office that says: “Life is about finding people your own kind of crazy”. Love it! A good question is, what does sanity actually look like? Einstein was right about doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result but sometimes we can allow ourselves to make our ‘cray-cray’ a norm. For instance, every morning I tell son to make up his bed then I get mad when I walk past the room later that evening and a hurricane has again struck his room. Now why put myself through the emotions of annoyance, anger, and frustration? I don’t know except that I keep hoping for different results (without having CPS called on me!) LOL


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