I recently spent an evening talking with a wonderful group of single, married and divorced women. We talked about all things life: dating, men, marriage, children, religion, health, food, work, goals, exercise and the list goes on.

We shared our tales of struggle and triumph, our regrets and hopes for the future. At the end of the night, we collectively agreed “Wow. Women really do rock!”

And we do. Think about it.  Think about how much women do!

We take care of our homes, groceries, cooking, cleaning, laundry and everything in between. And, if we have children, we take care of them too and the list that goes with that task is too long to blog about.

We play girlfriend, wife, cheerleader and joyride to our significant other and do whatever is necessary to make sure that ride doesn’t break down.

And the scheduling…don’t forget the scheduling!  If we don’t remember where everyone is supposed to be and when, then who will? And, remember your aging parents. They’ve got appointments you’re in charge of, too!

Then for kicks and giggles, add on a 40 hour weekly pastime we’ll call “work”.

And, for a hot time, there’s our friend, Menopause.   She has us feeling like a whole new person. She makes us wet when we want to feel dry and dry when we want to feel wet. And she’s the clingy type.

We do it all, ladies. We triumph every day. And no one else can do you, quite like you do.

So, as you take off your makeup and drag yourself to bed, do it without regret. Remember that you took on the world today and earned every ounce of that fatigue. And, despite every chore undone, you still accomplished 101! 





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