The things we take for granted

What a week, Rochester-area readers! Wednesday started as such a bright, sunny day. Who would’ve guessed it would end with the devastation brought on by Windpocalypse 2017 with trees and light poles down, properties badly damaged and massive power outages that are still not restored for many.

The suddenness of it made me wonder if this was a wake-up call. No one likes wake up calls. They interrupt the serenity of our pleasant resting state and jar us into an unexpected, shocked alertness. They make us stand at attention, focus our thoughts and stare in wide-eyed wonder. But, once awake, we acknowledge that there are important things we would’ve miss out on, if we had continued sleeping.

Without Windpocalypse, we might’ve continued to take for granted that we have heat, electricity and refrigerators that keep our food cold. We might have forgotten what it’s like to take a cold shower, get out of a hot shower into a cold house, or take no shower at all. We may have never gone without a sleepless night, wondering if our cell phones would run out of power before our alarm clock went off for work or worrying if the carbon monoxide from our generator was vented well enough for us to make it through the night.  We may not have worried about the food, spoiling in the refrigerator, or falling asleep while the candles were burning. For these are not things we worry about in our pleasant resting state.

But, with all that it took out, the windstorm brought in the best of humanity and without it, we would’ve slept through that, too. It brought utility workers from all over the northeast away from their families to help restore power to strangers in freezing temperatures. It brought coffee and chainsaws to neighbors and caused families to spend quality time together, resulting in the re-invention of the board game. It turned co-workers into family members and friends into roommates. And, it prompted folks to leave their change at the drive-through for the next car in line.

Yes, it’s been an interesting week in Rochester, NY. We were blessed to have our power restored, but know that for others, the nightmare continues. For those of you reading this from your tiny phone screen, God bless you for spending your precious power on this post.  Be encouraged. We’re praying for you and there’s power in prayer. Reach out for the best of humanity. It has a warm hand and warm heart.


  1. Amen and well said, April! What a time it’s been and what a time it’s been! Thankful forthe Grace and Mercy of having minimal damage and power restored. Will keep in prayer, the many still waiting for their utility services to turn on or to return to their homes.


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