Is Chivalry Dead?

Do you often wonder what happened to chivalry?  If you’re middle-aged or nearing it, chivalry is likely something you remember, but something you seldom see.

Whatever happened to the days when all young men were taught to open doors for women, and not just women, but other people, in general?  The days when a young man wouldn’t think about coming to pick up someone’s daughter without coming to the door and meeting her parents.  The days when “honk, honk” wouldn’t do. And you’d better not have to open your own car door.

And how about public transportation?  Why should a young man, or woman for that matter, continue sitting down when an elderly person boards a bus or a train?  What happened to teaching our kids to give up their seat for their elders?

And mothers, why are we shoveling snow while young folks are inside playing video games or watching videos on their cell phones?  Do we really like the snow that much? What about the lawn? Are we hiring folks to do this work while our able-bodied children sleep in?

Maybe we need to return to the days of “Yes, Ma’am” and “Yes, Sir.”  Call me old-fashioned, but one thing’s for certain, our kids shouldn’t be referring to adults by their first name unless a Mr., Ms. or some other title precedes it, unless specifically asked to.  It’s a matter of respect.

Is chivalry tarnishing because children know how to behave, but aren’t practicing what they’re taught?  Sometimes.  Or is it that parents are raising friends and not children?  Perhaps. And sadly, sometimes, there are no parents.

But we can do things to make chivalry shine again.  We can correct it when we see it being neglected and we can be bold enough to demand the respect that comes with it. It’s okay to buy your nephew a belt and let him know that the world doesn’t want to see his boxer shorts.

So, let’s start a revolution of chivalry, folks!  Teach your kids, your neighbors kids, your siblings’ kids and your students how to be ladies and gentleman. It takes a village to bring chivalry back. Some young folks  just need a reminder but, for some, it will be their first time hearing it. Speak up. You may impact a life.






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