I’m proud of you

When is the last time someone told you they were proud of you?  If it was long ago, you might not remember how it made you feel. You may have forgotten the smile that crossed your face and the feeling of warmth in  your heart.

As we age, we find that we and many of our friends have lost a parent, or both parents. And all too quickly, we’re losing loved ones our own age.

And when our parents have passed, we feel a great void when we’ve done something great because they’re not there to tell us they’re proud of us, brag about our accomplishments, or beam with pride.

So I think it’s time we start a pride revolution. One where we let each other know that we’re proud of what we’ve done, proud of how far we’ve come, proud just to know one another.

Let’s tell our friends,relatives, co-workers, neighbors, pastors, and especially our children, how proud we are of them. It may have been ages since they’ve heard it or it may be the very first time.  No one is exempt. Even leaders need to know they’re doing a great job.

And for those with spouses, don’t leave them out. If you can’t find the words, hold their hand on date night. They’ll feel the pride, the warmth will seep through and they’ll get the picture.

Be proud of yourself! You got up today, you read this post and you’re about to go out and make someone’s day. I just know it and I’m so proud of you!





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