Listen up!

Communication.  We’re all about it. We write, we call, we text, we email, we post on social media.  We communicate.  Right?

We communicate to learn, we communicate to socialize, we communicate to express ourselves, but do we communicate to listen? When we ask questions, do we really listen to the answer? When we say “How are you,” do we hear the reply and do we really care how they are?

Communication is not a lost art form, but it can be a one-sided affair. It’s kind of like being in love with the Fonz from Happy Days or a conversation with the cheerleaders from The Middle or watching Nikki and the professor from The Parkers. One side is passionately tuned in while the other is disengaged and wondering if they should stop for ketchup on the way home.

The part of communication that’s sorely lacking today is listening.  Not the occasional “um hmm” listening, but active, attentive listening.  Listening that involves eye contact. Listening that involves putting down your cell phone, or looking away from your laptop. Listening that involves stopping what you’re doing when you’re in the middle of a thousand things. People want to be heard and acknowledged when they’re talking. They want to know that they’ve made a secure connection. They want to know you care.

So, if you’re like me, and guilty of all of the above, let’s work together to get better at listening. Everyone needs an ear sometime. We never know when someone is telling us something too precious to miss. So let’s look up and listen up.

Thanks for listening!






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