My Lupus Monologue

I have a disease with a five-letter name.  It tries to annoy me and cause me pain.

It messes with my insides, my hair, and my feet and thinks it’s something that I can’t beat.

Many have died from its complications and I know it thinks that scares me. It makes me tired and weak sometimes, I must admit it wears me.

Some nights it’s hard getting up the stairs, with lupus and all of my other cares.

But guess what folks; I’m here to say that lupus can kiss my butt today.

I keep on running, when I feel beat and tell lupus to get under my feet.

I tuck my children in their beds and keep up on my lupus meds.

I praise the Lord as each day begins and with His help lupus never wins.

Most people do not know I have it, but it’s not that I’m ashamed.

I call it out as the punk it is and call it out by name.

I grab that lupus by the leg and make it get behind me.

It may be something that I have, but surely won’t define me.

So call out what you have today that may seem way too large.

Let it know that you’re the boss and that YOU are in charge.

Your ailment may not be physical; it might be in your head.

It may be keeping you up and night, although you’re safe in bed.

Let it know that you’re no joke and tell it in a hurry.

For life’s too short to fill your days with anxiety and worry.

(April drops the microphone and walks away. Lupus fades to black)


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