On growing older

If you’re anything like me, you spend quite a bit of time watching older folks and wondering if you’re going to be like them when you’re their age.

You look at their shape and wonder if you’ll be shaped like them. You gaze at their posture and wonder if you’ll be able to stand up straight.  You glance at their smile and wonder if you’ll have all of your teeth.  You watch their gait and wonder if you’ll amble along with a cane or a walker.  You wonder if you’ll be useful when you’re older and if you’ll still have your hair.

But mostly, you watch them struggle to remember things and think about how increasingly often you forget why you’ve walked into a room. Then you pray that your own memory holds out.

Does that sound at all like you?

Getting older is a blessing. Few people would argue that.  But, for some, the golden years can be anything but golden. For some, due to health issues, loss of loved ones, mobility and income, the golden years are a dark shade of blue.

No one knows what tomorrow will bring, or even if there will be a tomorrow. But there is something we can do to improve life for ourselves and others, at any age.

Though wrinkles may come, body parts may betray us and our metabolism and thought processes may slow to a crawl, the love in our hearts never fails.

Love is an ointment that soothes old wounds, heals broken hearts and breathes life into old and young alike. It’s the ultimate resuscitator. You can feel it, receive it, hold onto it and best of all, give it.  And no matter how old we get, it will always be useful. There is always someone who needs it.

So as each day passes and we’re blessed to grow old, let’s share with each other the gift that never expires. Love on somebody today.

Love never fails.

1 Corinthians 13:8




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