Who needs a life coach?

So everyone thinks they’re a life coach these days.

Some folks think, because they did something right a few times or they did something really well, that they are entitled to teach other folks how to do what they did.  They’re now considered experts.  They’re the go-to guy for all things related to that particular thing.

So they confer upon themselves the title of coach and deem themselves worthy of teaching others how to better their lives, achieve their goals and reach their dreams. They go around giving advice and encouragement, helping with time management, diet and exercise plans, teaching organizational skills, money and stress management and guiding the lost to a new life of hope and inspiration.

They’re everywhere, spewing their words of wisdom. But what makes them more qualified than you are to go around teaching the things you’ve learned?

Nothing at all. In fact…they could be you!

Someone needs to know how to manage their time and money. If you’re good at that, why not show them?  Someone would like to lose weight but doesn’t know where to begin. Have you been there?  Why not tell them how? Your neighbors would give anything to have a garden like yours.  Why not share your knowledge? Everyone raves about your baking. Why do it just for your family? And the way you do hair…people would love to know your secrets!

If you have a skill, and we all do, why not teach it to someone?  There’s someone out there that is looking for exactly what you excel at. And, as an added bonus, might pay you to do it!

Don’t sell yourself short. Your gift is significant. Teach a workshop, start a group or open a business of your own. Buy yourself some new scissors and realize your dream as the owner of Brenda’s Bob and Weave!

Do your thing! Show your talent. You’ll be amazed at how many people have been waiting for a coach just like you.

Leave a comment on lovingmiddleagedlife.com with the gift or knowledge you have to share. You might be the answer to another reader’s prayers. And quite possibly, mine!

Remember, your gift will make room for you! Prov. 18:16


Dedicated to the memory of Tony Boller of WDKX Radio, whose gift surely made room for him.


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