Who said it’s too late?

I talk to people everyday…at work, home, church and social events and I always enjoy listening to people when they speak about what they’d always dreamed of being or doing. There’s an inexplicable joy in the face, voice and spirit of  a person who speaks about what they’ve longed for in life. A pure, unadulterated passion.

And though their dream may not be mine, through their excitement I can visualize them achieving their goal and smelling the sweet scent of dreams achieved.

But all too often, the look of joy fades, their happy voice wanes and you can almost see their heartbeat slow down, right through their shirt. And, as they nearly flat line, they say, “But it’s too late for that now.”

So, I ask these folks and I’m asking you now “Who told you it’s too late?”

Who says it’s too late to start a singing career?  You can still sing, can’t you?  Who says you can’t go back to school?  Colleges and GED programs have no age limit.  And who said you were too old to be a model? How old do you think the folks are in all of those pharmaceutical ads?  Can anyone say Cialis?

If your heart still jumps with desire at the thought of becoming something you’ve always wanted to be, then your passion is still alive and it’s your duty to pursue it.  Even if your aorta dances just a little bit, there’s still time to jump-start your life.

You were given gifts and talents for a reason.  Use them! Get up and get started right now. There’s no time like the present and, in fact, the present is all that we have.

So dust off your camera and re-start that photography career or take out your laptop and start writing that best seller you know is within you. I’m working on mine right now and I’ll race you to the end.

Are you with me?








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