The Good Fight

Whatever your political preference, we all have to admit that these are turbulent times. Friends are dropping friends, neighbors are snubbing neighbors and families are fighting one another over political views.

Instead of fighting each other, wouldn’t the world be greater if we all united against the terrible thing that is affecting our friends, neighbors and family members at an alarming rate? Wouldn’t it be nice if we all joined together in the fight against cancer?

I’ll bet that every person reading this knows someone who has recently survived cancer, is battling cancer or has died of cancer. If you’re like me, you know several of each.

Our opponent is a crafty one, but make no doubt about it, we are at war. As in any war, defeating our enemy is going to take manpower, money and expertise.   And tackling this monster requires research because, many times, we don’t know if its origin is environmental, dietary or hereditary and we can’t make it end if we don’t know where it begins.

Everyone can be on the frontline of this fight. You might be a corporal of financial giving, a medic on the battlefield of healthcare or a lieutenant of love, providing personal support. Wherever you fit in, the troops need your help.

So in the coming days, as you rally behind your favorite political party, sports team or whatever you fancy, think about supporting the battle against cancer. Though it may not affect you today, be assured that it doesn’t play favorites. It’s a fight where we can all be on the same team, and win.

Let’s set aside our differences and kick cancer’s butt, together!



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